Xenopus buffer


MBS-H (Modified Barth solution)                                    100x/1l

88mM NaCl                                                                51.4g

1mM KCl                                                                    0.75g

2.4mM NaHCO3                                                                                     2.0g

0.82mM MgSO4 x6H2O                                             1.66g

0.33mM Ca(NO3)2 x4H2O                                          0.78g

0.41mM CaCl2 x2H2O                                                0.6g

10mM HEPES                                                            23.8g

400U/ml Streptomycin /Penicillin                               2.5ml Strep/Pen 10000U/ml               


adjust pH to 7.4 with NaOH

sterile filter buffer



NOTE:  The working dilution of MBS-H is 0.1x.  This means that the 10x stock should be diluted 100x to get the final working concentration.