Electrophoresis buffers and solutions
1.5M Tris/HCl pH8.8 90.75g/500ml  
0.5M Tris/HCl pH6.8 30.25g/500ml  
--autoclave both solutions  
20% SDS 100g/500ml  
  use complete 100g container, so you donŐt have to weight the powder, 
  powder very harmful!!!, prepare it under the hood  
10% APS 1g/10ml, keep at 4oC  
TEMED ready to use solution, keep at 4oC  
Acrylamide 40% ( 37.5/1) ready to use, keep at 4 oC  
  acrylamide, bisacrylamide crystals very toxic,  
  better to buy ready to use solution    
Tris/Glycine Running Buffer   1x 5x/1L  
  Tris base 25mM 15.0g  
  Glycine 192mM 72g  
  SDS 0.10% 25ml 20%  
Transfer Buffer (Blotting Buffer)   1x 4L  
  Tris base 48mM 23.2g  
  Glycine 39mM 11.65g  
  SDS 0.037% 7.4ml 20%  
  Methanol 20% 800mL  
  add methanol after dissolving salts, keep at 4C  
Sample Buffer - Laemmli Buffer   1x 2x/20mL 4x/10mL
  Tris/HCl pH6.8 50mM 4mL 0.5M 4mL 0.5M
  Glycerol 10% 4g 4g
  SDS 2% 4ml 20% 0.8g
  Bromphenol blue 0.025% 0.01g 0.01g
  DTT 100mM 0.6g 0.6g
  store sample buffer at -20C