DAPI Staining Protocol   

Prepare the following solutions:    

(To determine the amount needed for your experiment, please note that one tube of Solution 1 will yield a total  of 100mL of working solution, at a final concentration of 0.5ug/mL.)   

Solution 1*:                                    5 μL DAPI  (10 mg/ml solution)                            

                                                         995 μL PB             

                                                         * Solution is viable for one month if stored at 4 in  the  dark

Solution 2 (working solution):    10 μL of Solution 1  

                                                         990 μL PB   

Treatment:  Add Solution 2 (working   solution) to your tissue/cells and incubate at room temperature for

                        1- 5  minutes. 

                     Rinse 2X with PB. 

                     Mount coverslip with Shur/Mount, Prolong or comparable antifade medium.  

                     Seal coverslips (if necessary) with Valap or nail polish.**     

        **Try to avoid nail polish if are visualizing GFP, as the additives in nail polish tend to  quench the signal.